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Guided Wolf Hunting in Manitoba

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Starting in the winter of 2024, we will be offering guided wolf hunts. Our deer and fall bear hunters have previously been allowed to take a wolf as an added bonus if the opportunity arose, and that won't change, but this will be a hunt where we're specifically targeting prime pelt timber wolf during their mating season.

Accommodations and length of stay will be the same as our other hunts, but we can be more flexible on specific dates as we will be limiting this to only a few hunts. We plan to conduct these from February until beginning/mid March.

Travel will be via truck and snowmobile. Hunting will be over bait from heated blinds. 

Please note that for international clients, a CITES permit is required before a wolf can be exported. We can arrange for this at our taxidermist, but it means the wolf hide can't be taken home immediately after the hunt,as this process takes some time.

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