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Whitetail Deer Hunting Manitoba

The Northern Interlake area of Manitoba consists of mixed farmland and boreal forest, which makes an ideal habitat for the elusive Canadian trophy whitetail buck.  We are situated in the north-west portion of the Interlake at the fringe of the farmland and endless wilderness to the immediate north.

Whitetail Deer Hunts Manitoba

A Great Deer Hunt in Manitoba

The Guided Manitoba Deer Hunt

Our whitetail deer hunting is conducted on over 5000 acres of private land from enclosed, elevated,and heated window blinds. We have our stands situated overlooking large alfalfa fields, cut lines in forested areas, as well as densely treed areas along frequently travelled trails. We are flexible in our approach to how you like to hunt and can vary the amount of time you want to spend in the field to your specific needs. However, as with all hunting, the more time you spend out there, the better.

Rifle Whitetail Deer Hunts Manitoba

Hunts take place mid to late November. A minimum rifle caliber of 270 is recommended.

Muzzle Loader Whitetail Hunts

Muzzled loader hunts in Manitoba take place the first week in November. A minimum caliber of .45 is suggested.

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Hunting Lodge in Manitoba

The Hunting Lodge

Lodging for The Hunt

You will start the day with a hearty breakfast at about 5:30AM, whereafter you will be taken to a carefully selected stand. For those hunters who wish to stay in the stand all day, we will be in contact with you via cell phone or hand held radios and will bring you a lunch mid day. Those wishing to return to the lodge for a break can do so at a pre-arranged time. In the evening after the hunt, you will return to the lodge for a hot, full course meal.

The Manitoba Hunting Lodge

Guided Whitetail Hunts Manitoba

Trophy Manitoba Buck

Details about The Manitoba Deer Hunt

Warm clothing is highly recommended for this hunt, especially footwear and headgear. Even though our blinds are heated, the temperatures can get quite chilly should we have to do any tracking or walking to the blind. At times, we will also use ATV's to get to the blind, especially in the earlier part of the season when the frost hasn't set in yet and we can't get around everywhere with trucks. Expect daytime highs in the 10 to 35 F(-12 to +2C) range, with early mornings down to 0 F (-18C) or less.

As an added attraction, hunters are allowed one Timber Wolf and Coyote on their deer license at no additional charge, and your deer license remains valid.

A blaze orange hat and vest is required under Manitoba law.

A rifle with of a minimum .270 Win caliber is recommended as our deer can weigh in excess of 300 lbs. Choose a caliber and rifle you feel comfortable shooting, rather than one which looks best from a ballistic standpoint. Distances can vary from close to as far as you feel comfortable shooting. As many hunters have varying comfort ranges, we have stands situated where the shots can be close or far. During the muzzleloader season, the caliber must be minimum .45.

Wounded animal: We will do our utmost to try and recover an animal that has been wounded and the hunter should be prepared to spend time with the guide(s) searching until it is found or conditions/sign negate any further efforts. If there is blood and the animal cannot be found, the hunter must pay a $500 fee if he wants to continue hunting.

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